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13 Types of Impressive Content for the Membership Site


Content for the membership site

Content for the membership site, w is a very important thing to consider when planning your membership website. In a survey by Digiday, 63% of publishers said that converting visitors to paying subscribers is the biggest issue. Once the visitor has subscribed to your membership, your content must be useful enough to retain them, rather than chasing new members. 

At this point, we hope you have finalized your membership topic, purchased a domain name, and set up a membership website. If not, check our complete practical guide with cost estimation to set up a successful membership website. 

We have summarized 13 types of most appealing content to offer to your audience.

Here we go!!

1. Courses


This is one of the most appealing options among the content for the membership site. When subscribing to membership, the user does not want you to do work for him but is really interested if you are providing something that can assist him to achieve his particular goal. If you have a course that can help him, he is likely to stay. 

If your topic has those issues which can be addressed with certain outcomes in a certain timeline or start and point, you can build a course and incorporate it into membership.

The length of the course depends on the type of issue you are offering a solution. It can be a full fledged course spanning over multiple weeks or months or a short course that can be covered in a few hours. The main goal should be to provide useful information and strategies to help your subscribers.

2. Live streams and Webinars


Webinars or live streams can be termed as interactive video presentations where you actually publish a live video feed. Members can post their questions related to the topic and comment in real-time, while you can provide feedback. 

You can also hold a Q & A session which is the same as a live stream or webinar but specifically designed to answer specific questions and issues of the members. It helps a lot to improve communication with them as well as build a community relationship with them. 

You can do this solely or bring some experts to bring in a wide variety of expertise and beneficial content while lowering your workload. 

3. Podcasts

Podcasts are a great way to provide information and engage customers. These are more “portable” than blog posts and other written content because they can be listened to while driving a car or jogging. Moreover, podcasts are also on a subscription basis which means you can track their success. 

You do not need a huge capital to start a podcast add it to your content for the membership site. All you need is a mic and a plan and you are good to go. You can discuss topics related to your specific niche and invite industry experts and interview them about emerging industry trends, their success stories, major issues and other endless options.

4. Content archives


The main benefit of live content like webinars is their real-time but you can also record them and upload them in an archive folder in your membership. It provides multiple benefits. Those members who were unable to attend a live session can later watch and learn.

It also acts as an addition to the video content in your membership. Audio files like recorded podcasts are also cost-effective and can be produced and recorded on a recurrent basis to add consistent content to your membership.

5. Downloadable content

There are multiple types of downloadable content, so we have added them into a broad category. Every topic related thing shareable in a download form can be included.

It can be used by members to have some quick tips, to revise their learning, to get their hands on some useful data about the industry and most importantly, to get something in their membership that is not available anywhere else or they have to pay for it even if it is available.

Here are a few examples of downloads.

  • Quick tips, visual guides, images, and memes: These are small things like some quick tips, memes, quotes or visual guides which are useful and shareable on social media.
  • eBooks and mini-courses: Short eBooks and mini-courses can not only be an awesome addition to content but, they can also be used to attract new users and develop your mailing list.

           If you are already offering courses, you can take a small comprehensive portion of that course and offer it as a separate mini-course and eBook. These resources should be concentrated on a very specific issue or problem and offer solutions. 

  • Workbooks and Cheat sheets: Providing members with a quick reference workbook and cheat sheets is very helpful, specifically when they do not want to read a whole book. This type of content helps the users to apply their learning and quickly refer back to the information when needed. 

           It is also useful when there is an already established system and the users can approach it by just checking the items in your sheet. Worksheets can also help them to track their progress and mark any deficiencies.

  • There are multiple versions of cheat sheets and workbooks. You can provide a spreadsheet where users can easily input their specific data and run metrics or you can provide a sales copywriting swipe file.
  • You can simply provide a checklist to track the progress or implement simple steps in a comprehensive system. There are multiple options that can be applied according to your specific audience.

6. Video Tutorials:

video tutorials

If you are ready to take your game to the next level, try making videos. Videos are more engaging than written content and these are becoming more and more popular these days. Creating video is not as expensive as you think.

You can simply record your piece of work which you are doing related to a specific issue and it can be useful to the audience. You can hire an entire team of writers, editors etc. to make videos or you can do that all on your own. It all depends on your budget. 

7. Interviews 

Interviews work just like podcasts. You can invite industry figureheads and experts and discuss important matters, issues, industry trends and their own success journeys.

These interviews can help your audience to get useful tips and information to solve their own problems. These interviews can not only be a part of your content strategy but then can also be used for marketing. Take a little neat part of the interview and show the non-subscribers what they are missing.

8. Quizzes and Surveys


If your membership is based on learning and skill building and you have included courses in your membership, you can offer quizzes and surveys.

These are an interactive element of the membership and help members to absorb and retain information. Through these kind of material, you can also check the progress of your members and know if they are understanding everything.

9. Reviews

In every industry, the audience has multiple options of certain things to choose from. When talking about photography, people have to choose from multiple cameras and lighting equipment. In the music industry, people want to buy the perfect musical instruments.

Similarly, in the tech industry, they want to know which software is the best or which plugin is best for a certain activity. You can provide your own opinion and valuable insight by reviewing each product whether tangible or intangible to give the readers an idea of its features and benefits.

It can also be a concise piece of information which saves people from the mental stress of searching and finding the most suitable option.

10. Community forum


Never overlook the need of building a community in the membership. There must be some platform in your membership, where all the members can interact and discuss things. It can be a simple discussion section or a full blown forum.

This belonging to a community can help retain the members even when they do not need your provided information and training. 

11. Premium content: 

Premium content includes something exclusively free for your members like plugins or software etc. You can also use this premium content to attract non-members by explaining the benefits of these exclusive offerings.

You can also offer member-specific discounts and offers on your topic relevant things. If someone needs a specific software and by joining your membership, it is available at a 30% discount, it adds a dollar value to your membership.

12. Member News

As we have already talked about the community feature of the membership, membership is not just about courses and other useful stuff. Yes, these things matter a lot in providing value to the clients but in a membership, you can offer a lot more things just like Member news. 

You can regularly update your members about new content and happenings, any hot forum discussions or news about happenings in your industry. You can include topics which stimulate discussions and promote interaction among the members. 

You can either do this by sending a weekly email or making a video about it which is even more interactive.

13. Recommended reading lists 


You can provide list of books, blog posts, or articles which are relevant to the membership topic. You can even add a resource page and add any useful material to it. 

Our Tips to Create Amazing Content for the Membership Site:

  • This is obviously not an ultimate list of content but it surely provides many options to choose from. You can mix and match these options to build your desirable content.
  • We do not recommend adding all the suggested options in your membership. It can make your audience feel overwhelmed. Experience with all these types and select what suits your resources, expertise and your audience.
  • Try to be innovative. Add content which is very specific to your brand. It builds reliability and trust which is response results in member retention.

Want to sell online courses along with the membership? Check our spoiler strategies to sell both here. If you need an expert advice to build your membership website, our LMS crafters can help you. We offer our expertise to turn your vision into reality. To book a free call or to hire an expert check our services page here.

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