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SureMembers Review – Promising New WordPress MemberShip Plugin

SureCart recently announced its new membership plugin sureMembers which is a Brand new addition to surecart ecosystem. Suremembers is a very light and really simple membership plugin that is best for content restriction and selling digital products and services. Previously Membership market is dominated by well-developed and very dynamic membership plugins like memberpress, paid membership pro, easy digital download,wooCommerce Memberships, and MemberMouse. SureMembers is still in very early stages and gives request updates, The reason this plugin catches my attention is its simplicity, ease of integration, and setup.

Where we can use SureMembers?

SureMembers is for WordPress site owners who want to restrict access to content and offer multiple membership levels. This is best for
  1. Selling Online Courses like ( LearnDash, LearnPress)
  2. Private Forums ( Like BBPress)
  3. Digital Products or Services
  4. Private user Groups or communities ( BuddyPress)
  5. Exclusive content or featured blog posts

How to Setup SureMembers Plugin?

Login to https://my.surecart.com/ Go to Dashboard >> Click on Downloads >> Download the plugin >> Install the package and Active the license and you are good to go. SureMembers Account

Creating Access Groups Or Membership Levels in SureMembers Review

Access groups in SureMembers are actually the membership and work exactly the same way you do in the memberpress. Inside Access you can add members and can give them access based on their access group. Sure Members Access Group Type the name of Access Group (Name of Membership Level)

Protect Content with SureMembers

Choose the Protected content (Which can be blogs, courses, or digital files). You can also choose an individual post or Page as well. post type in sureMembers You can also exclude the pages, posts or taxonomies as well. Inside protected content, all post types will be available.

Drip Content

Sure Members Drip Content SureMembers does offer drip content like any other membership or content restriction plugin but this drip content is far better than memberpress or LearnDash I used in the past with only one difference, Inside memberpress or learndash you can choose the day of drip but can not choose the exact time of the drip but with sureMembers you can do that.

Unauthorized Access

unauthorized access message sureMembers An unauthorized access message will be displayed to those members which will not have an access to the current access group. we have two options for such guests on our site. Display and Specific Message Redirect the user

Access Group Priority and User Role sync in SureMembers

Priority is important when users have more than one access group, If your content is restricted for one Access Group but not the other, the higher priority will prevail. User sync role is important if you have multiple user roles on your website, for some members the role can be student but for some that can be a teacher. SureMembers User Roles

SureMembers+SureCart Integration

Did you notice there is no option for price in sure members? That’s right, you will sell your access group with the sure cart. It’s not compulsory that you must sell membership with a surecart there are other integrations of sure members available like woocommerce as well. Here is a detailed video about the SureCart + Sure Member’s Integration
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